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Cover Design

I’ve posted a press release on my Facebook page, Twitter, and emailed my writing groups and organizations, and the comments keep coming!
— Art Elser

Our process is very straight forward. Service is number one in our business. We want to work with you to help bring your vision to life. You will be giving a book cover questionnaire so that we better understand what you would like for your book. Any cover design will receive 2 free rounds of edits to ensure you receive the cover that is right for you.


The design of books is different from all other kinds of graphic design. The real work of a book designer isn’t making things look nice, different, or pretty. It is finding out how to put one letter next to another so that an author’s words seem to lift off the page.
— Richard Hendel

We understand the importance of giving your book and its readers the attention and care it deserves. Special consideration is given to each interior with thought of the reader's experience of your work.



Keep open communication with clients. 

Writing and designing for your targeted demographic. Your clients will love you and how you represent both you and them.