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"The design of books is different from all other kinds of graphic design. The real work of a book designer isn't making things look nice, different, or pretty. It is finding out how to put one letter next to another so that an author's words seem to lift off the page."
                                     ― Richard Hendel


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We love working with writers and independent authors. Helping you bring your ideas to fruition by making your book a reality is what we do best. Not only are we passionate about books, what they look like, how the pages feel, the nostalgic smell of ink on paper and getting lost between the pages in both libraries and bookstores; we also are passionate about book design.

However, it doesn't stop there - love eBooks as well! Routinely rummaging through virtual stacks, creating, perusing and purchasing loads of books. We know the importance a great book design and how to create book covers that sell.